business process outsourcing





Every organization need a committed and collaborated BPO partner to retain the competitive edge and the BPO team at PLA CONSULTANTS is committed to comply with client requirements and continually improve service efficiency. Our competent and effective BPO services help organizations in Transformation. Transformation is about Change, it’s about business improvement. Our services are delivered by a global network of technology centers, staffed with people who provide sourcing options to meet a client’s unique needs, thus ensuring efficient communication and services for maximum customer satisfaction.


Here are some of the challenges faced by enterprises when it comes to the need for business process outsourcing solutions.
  • Difficulty in accessing skilled labour whenever required.
  • Providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of desired levels of productivity and efficiency in a process.
  • Escalating costs of operations due to high labour costs.
  • Insufficient focus on the organization’s core competencies and business processes.

How can we help you ?


When you outsource your business processes with Digital Group, you experience increased productivity, reduced operational costs and better customer service, and at the same time, gain an edge above the competition. You also have the resources and time to focus on primary business objectives by shifting your back-office operations to offshore destinations. We help our global clients simplify their business processes by offering Business Process Management Services.

We specialize in the following business process areas:
  • Financial Process Management – We provide business process services for sectors like banking, capital markets, mortgage services, and insurance companies.
  • Customer Sales & Support – We help clients build a stronger communication channel with their customers through the effective use of multiple channels like phone, mobile and the web.
  • Finance & Accounting – We manage accounting processes and ensure adherence with legal, regulatory, and company rules and regulations.
  • Supply Chain Management – Digital Group provides a wide range of supply chain capabilities inclusive of new product strategy, design development, procurement support and post–sales customer service.
  • Technical Support – Digital Group provides customized solutions for off-the-shelf office applications, enterprise applications and integrated systems, backed by our experienced staff.
  • Content Management – We structure, integrate, develop and improve access to enterprise content, data and information.
  • Human Resource Outsourcing – Enable employees and managers to access, update and use HR information more efficiently and effectively through our innovative techniques.
  • Help Desk – Our Help Desk service includes call management, call tracking, knowledge management, problem resolution, remote control, and integrated IT asset management capabilities.